Musicians Helping Community


Welcome to This or That Music; Music for Charity is a Tucson AZ based musicians co-op where musicians are bringing musical hearts together for a community cause.


This or That Music; Live Music for Charity is about musicians teaming with nonprofit organizations to raise awareness of important issues while highlighting live music talents.  Music is a powerful tool that helps connect people and is a vehicle for all kinds of awareness and expression.  This or That Music; Live music for charity, enables musicians to do what they do best: make music. In doing so, musicians can bring people together to raise consciousness and money. Various musicians and bands team up with non-profit organizations in unique, creative ways to benefit a great cause and introduce how music can be a part of by raising money for local charity.  Music is much more than enjoyment and  pleasure.  In a series of studies,  it is proven that music can work to create a sense of group identity and this wonderful synchronization of community and musicians seems to bring community together to help one another.  This or That Music is about creating music to do just that.

This or That  Music  wants to shape the sense of community. This is done with musicians who have agreed to  perform for a non-profit and then raise money for that nonprofit.  Live music for charity is a new way to bring in money while educating the community. These musicians will have an opportunity to get together and help their community, while doing their art, and playing along with other local musicians.

The founders of This or That Music, who are all intertwined with Tucson local music, wanted to make a difference through music while having musicians work side by side with each other. The end result is musicians are raising money for local nonprofits. They are proud to know that 100% of all monies are giving to local charities.

The work being done by local musicians impacts the place where we live. This or That Music realized the importance of their local non-profits. The founders and musicians realize that the communities we live in impacts our lives and they want to use music to make a difference. This or That Music; Musicians Playing for Charity is about bringing musical hearts for a community cause.

If you are interested in performing and raise monies for your favorite charity please go to their contact page and contact them.